Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Well, we are here for 4 weeks now and enjoying this beautiful climate.  Days warm and sunny, about 65 to 70 degrees and nite dips to about 64.  We are enjoying so many of the activities here.  Joel and I are both in the ping pong club, reliving our childhood.  Joel is playing tennis, billiards, doing comedy at the talent night and atv'ing.  I am starting paddle tennis soon and next month watercolor painting lessons, as well as playing mahjong, karaoke nite, talent night and I have a great part in the xmas play.  So many things to do,over 88 different activities here.  Tomorrow is thanksgiving and we are having a huge pot luck in our big clubhouse, turkeys and all drinks will be provided for us.  Me being the fabulous cook that I am, ha ha, am bring a huge salad.  I will miss my family at the holidays but I speak to them everyday.  Last sunday we went to a folk art attraction here called Salvation Mountain.  It is a mountain built entirely of hay bales and wood and adobe mud covered with all different colored paint, and a man named Leonard Knight chose to make it a tribute to god and for 32 years lived in a truck on the desert and people from all over brought him paint and he worked.  All these pictures tell the story.  You will also see an area called Slab City, used to be a marine base in the 50's and was abandoned and all kinds of folks brought their rv's there and live for nothing on the desert.  It is amazing to see how different folks make their way in life.  Enjoy all the photos, I will post more after the holidays.

This is the truck that he lived in for all those years, painting his mountain, no heat, elec. or water.
Mountain from a distance is 50 feet tall
Standing among all the great colors  and objects
Joel climbed to the top and took a picture looking down
Slab City
Inside of Salvation Mountain
A paint and adobe mud garden
Very spiritual and peaceful place
What a creation in slab city
Couldn't resist putting this in, our cat peanut enjoying our new fleece blanket

Saturday, November 9, 2013


We have been here almost 2 weeks now and enjoying activities.  Joel plays tennis every morning and we have joined the drama group and will be participating in the xmas play.  Next week is karaoke and pizza on Thursday nites at the cafĂ© and then tues. talent night.  I am going to join the painting class and crafts too.  Joel has been enjoying atving with the residents and they go into the desert on Wednesdays.  Here are some cool pictures of the park and of the desert and the atv's.

Just getting ready to go in to the desert.

About 6 to 8 atv's
The desert is so beautiful
Joel is wearing helmet and goggles, lots of dust and chilly out there
An oasis among all the sand
Lots of unexploded ordnance around
Our pretty park in the chocolate mountains

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