Sunday, March 1, 2015


Well, it is March 1, 2015.  Funny how time slips away when you are having so much fun.  The last 5 months have been a hoot and we have done so much.  Where shall we start.  Joel has been honing his tennis skills and has been freaking folks out with his slicing technique.  Also water volleyball has been going full-force and a team has formed which goes to different parks to compete.  Our group even entered a seniors Olympic style volleyball match which they won in the Coachella Valley, we are very proud of them. 

We have of course been eating at many pot lucks and eating out too.  Trying to keep the weight down.  We have done two drama club shows, the first I co-directed which was the xmas one.  Then I took over the direction of our second one which the theme was of the "60's".  I decided to do a live broadcast of "American Bandstand".  The audience went wild.  One of our group made all our props, a television camera on a stand, all signs, a top ten board, etc.  Then we recorded the opening music and set the stage for 8 acts to perform with a lipsync of the original music.  We used clothing from the 60's and we even recorded original commercials and had protestors at the end to break up the show.  All players got their own costumes together and got their dance routines on their own.  We only have 6 week to pull together these two shows so it was a tremendous effort.  I was so proud of them.  We had standing room only, about 200 people and the whole house rocked.  We did the Chordettes, the Beatles, Sonny and Cher, The Angels, Leslie Gore, etc and of course Dick Clark was there to lead the whole show, everyone said it was the best show they ever saw and they now want an American Bandstand 2, whew. 

We are having a cast party tomorrow afternoon, a cocktail party with hot and cold appetizers and beer and wine.  It will be a fun time.  I have even made dvd's of the show for all players.  I am already looking forward to next years shows and have already made plans for them.  I will e-mail all players during the summer to have them get costumes ready.

We had our Can-am games last week.  This is an all day event when the Canadians go up against the Americans, and let me tell you they are some pretty tight competition.  We start with a parade at 10 am, which we were in and our corvette got rave reviews and we got a blue ribbon.  They to the town square for games, cakewalk, chili cookoff, hot dogs and fixings, fresh made tacos, drinks, fortune telling, vendors and such, such a good time.  Then at 1pm the games began.  Joel was on the American team, which he didn't know about, they just put a shirt on him and 4 other folks the games began.  It was a game with marshmallows, filling a jug with a sponge, hula hoop around each other, and passing a ball from one to another without your hands, such a hoot.  A good time was had by all. See all the folks from the pics and some funny photos I took.  We will probably be here for another month, still many shows and fun.  So enjoy the pics.  Today it is raining for the first time so we are indoors, a good time to write a blog.

Above is a pic of our friends Gary and Joanne and Willow
which we took in Quartzsite where we went to visit them for a day trip.
Here is me dressed up to look like Leslie Gore
so I could sing "Its My Party"
Everyone lining up for the can-am games
Quite a crowd gathered for the occasion
Getting instructions for the games
Joel waiting for the marshmallow to be passed to him
This pic of Joel was caught while he was filling the jug
of water with a sponge, ha ha