Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Well, lots going on since my last post.  Have lost about 4 lbs. due to not eating at pot lucks and buffets.  We will see how long that will last.  Bought some 3 lb weights to use at our exercise class.  They make a lot of difference.  Read a couple of books and did a few jigsaw puzzles, joel has had a cold for the last 3 weeks and it is gone now.  We went into Indio last Sunday and went to Petco for cat food and then to Winco, sort of a big box grocery store like Cosco, but they didn't have the cereal that Joel likes.  We then went to the Augustine Casino and had lunch and I had the best bbq brisquet, mashed taters and broccoli and corn bread.  It was really good.  Joel had the French dip sandwich and it and the fries were nothing special.  We then went the 35 miles back to the park.  It is getting easier to make these trips now.  I am in rehersal for "Gilligans Island", I play the movie star Ginger and I will be singing "Its no business like show business".  Last nite we had talent night and the place was packed with people.  I sang an Anne Murray number and got loads of compliments, and these people thought all I could do was rock and roll.  Well, I took the plunge and got a new hairstyle and color and I love it, and Joel does too.  It is pretty short, and lots of blond streaks.  I have been thinking about doing it for a long time and there is no time like the present.  I am no spring chicken you know.  Joel is back to playing tennis in the mornings.  Lots of new people coming in all the time.  We are going in Feb. to  a taping of the wheel of fortune show, tour of Sony studio and dinner out.  We will be with 48 other people and leaves here from the park.  We are looking forward to that.  Also foyspa our park is having a special day on Feb. 15, parade, we are decorating our car the the theme is tropical destinations.  Also there will be Can am games, the Canadians against the americans, ha ha.  Then there will be our show.  It will be lots of fun.  In March there is a variety show and Joel and I will both be doing skits in that one.  Always something to look forward to at this rv park.  So glad we found it.  Speak to you soon.