Sunday, June 22, 2014



We have been at this rv park Jantzen Beach, nowhere near the beach and doesn't even have a sign with its name on the road.  We found it by accident.  Cloudy and rainy when we pulled in and cloudy and rainy when we pulled out 3 days later.  We had a very narrow spot and didn't even take the car out because of the nasty weather. 


We never saw a sign for hway 97 but got here anyway, it just took a little longer.  We are at the Suntides Rv Park next to the Suntides Golf Course.  We have a very nice site, long and wide with lovely grass and pretty plum trees on our site.  The weather is gorgeous, sunny and in the high 70's to 80's.  What a wonderful weekend for the 3 day corvette event we are going to participate in.  It is called a Vettebration and 77 cars will be there for all parts of wa, bc, even Texas.  The first day here which is Wednesday, we meet some real nice neighbors and they invite us to have bbq dinner with them, what a nice way to start our trip in Washington.  The next nite Thurs. we go to the Red Lion Hotel in town where the corvette club has a hospitality room and register for the event.  Then we go over to the Chevrolet dealership which is sponsoring the show and they give us a beautiful steak and chicken dinner with all the sides, and all the wine, beer, any beverage you wish.  We participate in the 50/50, if you win one half goes to charity and the other is yours and Joel buys $20 worth of tickets.  Guess what, we won, it was $177 and Joel took out his $20, took another $20 to double his bet and gave the rest to their charity, which is Kids Wishes and Dreams.  They were all amazed. 

Today is Fri. the 20th and we are at the car show at Sarge Hubbard County Park, a beautiful park with grassy fields to park in.  At noon, they judged the cars and we were given a wonderful lunch of pasta with meat sauce and chicken alfredo and salad and rolls.  It was delicious.  Then we hung around to see the trophies given out.  Afterwards we went back to the rig to rest and then at 5pm we went back to the hotel to line up with the other vettes to caravan over to the Yakima Speedway.  They let us all on the track to race 4 laps.  The grandstands were full of cheering people.  We race around real fast, smoked our brakes, whee, took pics and videos.  Put up your volume to hear the cars and me screaming.  After that we went back to the hotel and had a pizza and salad party and lots of delicious cakes made just for this occasion.  At about 8pm we went to cruise on Yakima Avenue, with lots of other classic cars.  They only do this cruise 2 or 3 times a year and the people come out in droves to watch and line the streets with chairs.  Lots of fun, went back to rig and fell into bed like a rock.

Well, it is Sunday morning and we are on our way back to hotel at 9am to compete in a road rally. They give us written instructions, street names, write down names and numbers of things along the road and we have to fill it all out.  It takes approximately 40 miles.  Loads of fun.  We end up at one of the corvette club members houses and they treat us to all our leftovers for lunch . 

Also we did the poker run.  It costs $5 to enter and you stop at various points in the rally and get playing cards, 5 in all.  Whoever gets the best hand wins the pot and guess what, we won.  We had 3 kings.  We won $100, I guess this was our lucky weekend.  We had a wonderful 3 days with great people and hope to come back next year.  Right now I am doing laundry and then we will go food shopping and out to eat.  Tomorrow we leave for Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

Pictures of the snow covered peaks on Chinook Pass
Aren't these pics lovely
I make my first snowball in 50 years
Corvettes on the grass
Beautiful lake in the park
The videos are of the speedway race we were in. 
Turn up volume to hear my reaction
Our special spot
You have to watch this small video below to hear the sound

Sunday, June 8, 2014


Well, it is Tues. June 3rd and we are at Premier Rv Resort in Coburg.  We stop at the Monaco service center but there are no appointments available, so we continue next door to rv glass solutions.  We drop our trailer in their parking lot and drive to the rv park which is only about a half mile down the road. It is a very nice park, lots of well maintained grass and shrubs.  We get a huge pull thru.  We contact satellite guy and he comes over and finds out we have a bad hdmi cable going from the tv to the receiver.  Fixed within a half hour, yay.  We go out shopping.

On Friday our windshield is delivered and put in right on our site, we also have an rv mobile tech come over (extremely honest and reasonable) and he fixes our broken door lock, key fob problems, reversed side cameras, and our non operational fan switch for a/c on our engine.  Everything is fixed. 

We have dinner and I prepare a new dish, chicken picatta.  It is made with white wine, butter, lemon juice and capers.  It turned out delicious.

Well, it is now Saturday and we are looking at some new furniture for our rv, and we buy a double recliner to replace our old couch.  They will install it on Monday when we leave here.  We stop at a wonderful classic car show at a high school and walk around looking at lots of great cars.  We have arby's for lunch.  It is Sunday and we are lazing around before we take off in the morning to re-hitch our trailer and get our recliners installed and take off for Salem Oregon about an hour up the road apiece.  Stay tuned for more news.


It is May 31st and we are in Phoenix, Oregon, close to Medford.  We pull into Holiday Rv after only 1 and a half hours of driving.  Got a large pull-thru site.  A tree branch is over our satellite dish so we hook up to the parks cable system which happens to be dish network.  We are starving so we go to "Debby's Diner" for lunch.  I have a philly cheese steak sandwich, not bad and Joel has a Rueben which he enjoyed.  Diner is 2 years old and all chrome and bright colors, it is delightful.  We then take a ride around town and stop into a british grocery and pick up some bananas and chocolate biscuits.  We had bagels and lox for dinner.  The next day Sunday is a beautiful day and we go to a wonderful Mexican restaurant in the shopping center next to the park.  Beautiful place and wonderful food.  Back to rv to relax. We are going to be here for one more night.

Well, Mon. morning we make an appointment to have our cracked windshield replaced in Coburg, Oregon this week.  We are leaving for  Allied Recreational tomorrow in Coburg.  It is a Monaco Service Center.  We need to have a few things done.  This morning we take a ride to Ashland to Lithia Park, the gps got confused but we found it anyway.  We took a nice long walk through the woods along a creek.  Then we ate at "Louie"s in town.  We sat on the back deck overlooking a lovely flowing stream. Joel had fish and chips and I had their famous recession burger and it was very good.  Service was great.  Then we went to the historical museum in Medford, but alas, closed down.  What a pity, now this town has no museum.  Then we went to Walmart to load up on groceries.