Thursday, January 1, 2015


Happy New Years to all on today Jan. 1, 2015.  Well, we made it another year of fulltiming and  believe me it hasn't been easy.  Seems we can't go 2 months without some sort of a repair.  This month it is a completely cracked windshield which was installed 6 months ago.  No one wants to take responsibility for it.  Rv Glass Solutions who installed it is coming over next week.  They will be here for the fmca rally in indio, ca and only 45 minutes from us, so then we will see what to do.  Whatever the case, we still have to get another windshield, or stop moving.  Also our fresh water tank is leaking at the valve and many attempts to seal it have not fixed the problem so we will probably have to get a new tank.  Also our large slide is sagging so much it will not come in without some gentle effort from us.  So when we leave here in April, we will head to Lazy Daze in Tucson and get everything fixed while we are still under our extended warranty. 

Now to nice things, we have been here since Oct. 11th.  Our friends from last year all came to welcome us.  That was so wonderful.  We have been doing a lot of eating out, shopping, one drama play so far, and I am directing the next one on Feb. 13th.  We have been going to karaoke a lot and even Joel got up and sang and no one booed him off the floor.  Last nite was our new years dinner dance and we had a live band and wonderful shrimp dinner and dancing with all our new friends, it was so great.  Today I started a new years resolution and walked 2 miles on the treadmill and intend to do this at least 3 days a week.  People in this park despite being in their 70's and 80's are very trim.  I intend to stay this way for a long time.  Got a new shorter hairdo and it is easier to take care of.

This morning it was 35 degrees.  Our heat ran all night but it is comfy and cozy in here.  Now temps have warmed up at 12:30.  to about 65 degrees and hardly any wind.  I have some new pics for you.
Two weeks ago I went on a bus to the Museum of Natural History in San Diego and saw the King Tut Exhibit.  I was disappointed that it was reproductions but then I realized that the real exhibit is in Cairo, Egypt and is worth millions of dollars.  I went with two friends and then we both had lunch out.  It was fun.  Enjoy the pics.

This is our home in Niland, Ca. at the
Fountain of Youth Spa Rv Park
So many gorgeous sunsets
 Museum in San Diego
Some nice pics of King Tut exhibit
Ugh, this mummy looks awful
My favorite movie "JAWS"
This bell tower was in the movie "Dirty Harry"
He got beat up in there