Wednesday, August 10, 2016


I tried to post one more photo, but it wouldn't let me.  I got such a cute photo for our master bathroom and just had to show it to you.

I feel like someones watching me everytime I go in there, ha ha


Well, it has been quite a while since I posted.  Moved into new home on December 19, 2015.  Needed to buy everything new after living in motorhome for almost 4 years.  The winter was so wonderful here with temps from 50's to 70's.  Electric bill so low.  No bugs or critters to speak of but a black bear walked down our street in the evening the previous October.  This park has so much to do.  I joined the drama club, or as it is known as the Park Players here.  I had a nice rock and roll solo and then played lucy ricardo in a skit and had a cameo in a couple of 50's commercials.  We had three shows and everyone enjoyed them so much.  I haven't been to ceramics or stained glass class yet, but I go to the Karaoke twice a month and also we are joining the bowling league this September.  I am now the Secretary of the Hoa, don't ask.  We have pancake breakfasts, murder mysteries, lunch by the pool every thursday, pizza and sandwiches on wednesday nites before Bingo, every holiday is a big production here and of course major entertainment for a very reasonable price.
I have fully furnished our home and just need a desk for my craft and music room.  All the artwork is up, just a few more pieces to go.
Made a couple of nice friends and we go out to dinner often.

So we are getting used to the home life again.  The children have visited 3 times already and I have taken the girls to our historic town of Mount Dora for mothers day weekend.  I rented a cottage and we ate out all meals, bought clothes, spa day for mannies and peddies, and we took a seaplane ride.  The pics will show you.   Just a few pictures for ya.

New mode of transportation

Dinner at the Goblin Market in Mount Dora

Breakfast at Magical Meat Market

Disembarking sea plane ride, awesome

all pics of living room, decorated with movie posters

Peanut got into the act too
Dining room below