Saturday, November 22, 2014


Oct. ll, 2014

Well, here we are back at the Fountain of Youth Spa Rv Park in Niland, Ca.  We have a different site this year due to a new reservation policy.  We love our new site, it faces west and we have shade on our patio almost the whole day.  Our friends from last year came over to visit us almost immediately and helped move our car trailer to the side of our huge site. 

We are involved in a lot more activities this year.  Joel is playing water volleyball and basically hanging our with the guys.  I have now started exercising in our new gym,  playing pickleball which is a a game like tennis but with a wooden paddle and a wiffle ball.  I have helped to write a play for our xmas show and I have a nice part.  I volunteered to work in the activities office one day a week and will probably start ping pong next week.  Have already been to a potluck, lots of great food.

I went to the first karaoke, was a big hit singing rock and roll.  Then I was in a talent show here and had fun.  We are going to be in the Palm Springs huge xmas parade so we went out and got a plug in inverter and lights for the car. 

We are having thanksgiving dinner with our friends Luna and Kent at their house.  I sing with Luna and we have lots of fun.  We had to do a few repairs on the rig.  Joel changed a leaking propane valve, our fresh water tank is leaking, our slide is sagging, and our windshield is completely cracked, but like old folks it has the same symptoms, ha ha.  Looking forward to lots of fun here this winter.

Sunday, November 2, 2014


It is now the first week of Sept and we are in Palm Desert at the Emerald Desert rv park.  It is a very upscale park with lots of pools, hot tubs, and loads of grass and loads of ants.  We get a great double site which holds our coach, trailer and car and is facing north which helps with the heat.  We came here to go to the Eisenhower Medical Center and find doctors and get some checkups done.  We found an internist, a urologist, an opthmologist, had glasses made, had xrays and bloodwork and thank heavens all is fine.  We stay for almost a month, we even go to the dentist and have cleanings done.  I go to urgent care as soon as we arrive, I am still not well and find out I have a raging urinary infection and get antibiotics which clears it up.  We are now ready to travel down into the desert. 

We first go to Sunbeam rv park in El Centro for a week to get our two rugs rebound and fix our flooring.  The company who put it in last year is in El Centro.  We manage to get the rugs done but not the flooring.  They will have to come to us in Fountain of Youth where we spend most of the winter.  We have a few issues with our coach which need attention.  Our large living room slide, the rails are sagging so the slide won't come in unless we help it.  It has to go to a dealer and they have to take it out and fix it.  Our new windshield we just got in June is now cracked again, this time on both sides and the coach cannot be driven this way.  We are trying to get this fixed, also our fresh water tank has a leak by the valve and our propane valve is leaking.  We had a sunshade made for the front windshield, and door and window and that keeps a lot of the sun out, we are now facing west. 

Well, here we are back at the Fountain of Youth Spa and rv park in Niland.  The flooring people have come and fixed the floor.  We are still trying to get other problems worked on.  We come in and discover that they have changed their no reservation policy so we can't get the site we wanted but get an even better one.  We will probably stay here thru February and maybe go to Arizona for March and April, on our way to our summer vacation, north to Wisconsin and Michigan.  Well, will keep you all posted during our winter here.


Well, haven't written for a while.  We finished the Oregon Coast and headed for Reno, Nevada.  Had to go through northern Ca first for a couple of days.  Arrived at Sparks Marina Rv Park.  Gps did alright but by the time we came in it was dark and Reno doesn't have lighted street signs.  It was real hard to see which road we were on.  Finally I spotted the Sparks Marina sign all lit up and way up high for travelers to see.  The office was closed but paperwork was left for us and we settled into a very long pull thru site that had a picnic table and astroturf grass, real nice.  We were to be there for about a week and the next day we were to meet our friends dave and Teresa for breakfast at the El Dorado Casina.  It is about 10 minutes away.  It is right on the city street and it took us a while to find the entrance to the parking garage.  I wasn't feeling well but that does not stop me from eating.  I have had a low grade fever since we were on the Oregon Coast, which was cold and damp even in August.  We had a nice breakfast, we were glad to see them.  Joel had some business in town so I hung around the coach and rested.  From Reno we were on the way to Las Vegas.  I miscalculated the distance and found out we could never drive it in one day.  We found a real isolated park along the way which had a huge pull thru.  We had to drive at least six more hours to reach Las Vegas.  It was so hot when we arrived, 100 degrees or more, we couldn't even step out of the coach.  I still wasn't feeling well so Joel went and did the laundry.  We had a nice dinner with my brother and his wife who live in Vegas about 20 minutes away.  They were so glad to see us.  We only stayed a few days and off we went to Palm Desert, Ca.