Friday, December 25, 2015


It is xmas day, 2015, and we are finally moved into our new home in Leesburg, Florida.  It has been quite a siege, we are both exhausted from cleaning out the motorhome and getting everything into our new residence.

Then we had to clean up the motorhome and get it ready to sell.  We are keeping it in a locked compound where we live and we have it up on 3 websites.  Hopefully it will sell soon.  We have priced it to sell.

Tomorrow my youngest daughter, Julie is coming up with her family and bring xmas dinner.  We have not seen each other in nearly 3 and a half years.  Looking forward to it.  Here are some pics of our new home.

Here are all somes sides of the house Our view
of the water is so great.

Friday, December 4, 2015


Well, today is dec. 4th, the house is almost ready.  I have already ordered a bedroom set, mattress, dining room set and two couches for living room.  Still have to get 2 tv's and media centers to put them on.  Little by little we are getting there.  Yesterday we went there and I took some new pics.  We picked a spot in their compound to store our motorhome in case we don't sell it by then.  It is a slow going process.  So many scam folks keep calling, because of the ads we put out, but we are hoping.  We are looking forward to our new adventure.  My kids will be visiting during the holidays so I am excited about that.  Will keep you all informed of our progress.

Yea, driveway is poured

Love that porch

Concrete goes all the way around

View of our lake

Pic below is door going into joels office, 
The screen room will be put in after we move in according
to screen company's schedule