Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Well, we finally left our winter home in sunny desert Ca for a summer trip up to northern  Ca and Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Nevada.  We were about to start on Sunday April 27, however, as fate would have it our cargo trailer tire was low and it turned out to be a bad valve stem.  So Joel had to change the tire, lucky we keep an extra.  We were about an hour and a half later than we thought we would be.  On to Bakersfield Ca where we will spend the night.  Suddenly our inside generator start switch will not work and Joel had to put it on at the generator itself.  One thing on our to fix list.  The road going up was not too bad, 215 was okay but not Ca 395, road construction and some of the worst bumps we had ever gone over, and we paid for it.  The frame of our bedroom cabinet holding our new tv pulled away from the cabinet(it was only in with staples), and took the tv with it.  Unfortunately, the coax on the tv was broken away from the pc board so the tv is toast.  Today we went to Walmart and got a real nice tv and in a couple of days a mobile guy will be coming to put back the cabinet (this time with screws).  Also our dash ac stopped working.  We got out fridge fixed the day before we left.  We waited for three months till the tech told us we had to wait a while for a part.  We called Dometic and they overnighted the part to us.  I don't think they wanted to do the job, however they came out on Saturday and now we have rock hard ice cream again.  There is always something going on here.  Well to get to Pismo Beach which is our destination we had to go on Highway 166, switchbacks and steep mountains but Joel did a great job driving.  We are staying in a very nice park called Pismo Sands about 2 miles from the beach.  We have already found lots of restaurants, yippee, and shopping areas.  We have car shows to go to soon.  The weather is beautiful and we are experiencing a heat wave here, usually it would be in the 70's but in the high 80's today.  It would be nice to open the windows for a while.  We will be here for 10 days and will visit the Danish village of Solvang, and of course the beach area.  Just to relax for a while, I will take pics for the next post.