Saturday, May 30, 2015


Well, today is May 30, 2015.  We are in Mesa, Az and have been here for the last two weeks.  We were at Casa Grande, Az for two weeks prior, they had a special, buy one week get one free so we took advantage of it. Before that we were in Tucson at the Koa, and did nothing but laundry cause I was still getting over my horrible cold.  Casa Grande was a nice park, it has a golf course, but we weren't crazy about it.  We decided to take the rig to Rv Renovators in Mesa to have our small leak in our fresh water tank fixed.  Well, we gave them all the info on our warranty and such and waited to hear from them.  Long story short, in a week and a half they never even called our warranty company, I don't think they wanted to do the job.  I don't think much of them.  We will leave it go for now.  Anyhoo, this park we are in Mesa Regal is one of the Calam Parks and Resorts.  It is just beautiful and has everything any rv'er could want.  Spaces 35 feet wide and will even fit our cargo trailer, beautiful pools, restaurant, bars, live music, etc.  They have a special at a couple of the parks and we took a site for next winter.  For the months of sept, thru Jan it is $595 for the whole 4 months.  Of course you have to add electric, sewer and trash, we have trash cans and they pick up twice a week.  Even with that it is under $300 a month and you can't beat that with a stick.  We are right in town, I love it, I go shopping within a few miles all the restaurants and stores are there.  Remember where we were in the desert we were 45 miles from a hospital or restaurants.  The folks are real friendly too.  Today we took a ride to Scottsdale and had lunch and looked at some cars at the Barrett Jackson collection.  It is so hot, almosgt 100 degrees.  We are leaving Monday morning for Camp Verde, where we will be at Distant Drums rv park just about 10 miles from Sedona, we will be there for at least a week sightseeing and then will meander into Albuquerque New Mexico, maybe we  can meet up somewhere along the way.  Our trip this winter will take us all the way up to the Wisconsin Dells, Macanac Island Michigan and maybe to Niagra Falls.  Take care on your trip and stay away from all that water.  Best Regards, Joel and Esta