Sunday, June 14, 2015


Well, it is June 14, 2015 and we have just finished a week at the Roadrunner Park in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  We have had a wonderful week.  This park is the first park we have been in that have no bathrooms or showers or pool or laundramat.  It is a bare bones park with great big long pull thrus and full hookups and that is all we need. 

Of course, being next to our friends Cynthia and Ron made the place a paradise.  We know them since May, 2013, when we were  both having work done on our rigs , at Alliance in Wildwood, Fl.  We were there a week and they were there 3 weeks having remodeling done on their motorhome.  We both have cats and while I was there Cynthia taught me how to write this blog.  We have been following each other on the road, they are full timers too.  This is the first time ours paths have crossed.  It was wonderful to see them and we were right next to them.  They showed us a wonderful time.

We started out on Tuesday to find me a new camera.  I must have abused mine because it had died while we were in Sedona.  These wonderful friends dragged me to three walmarts to finally find the one that I wanted. 

We kept our corvette in the trailer and they chauffeured us around town in their fun jeep.  We all went everywhere together and ate out a lot.  We started the week at Backroads Pizza.  Then on to the Casino buffet, then to a great Mexican restaurant in Sante Fe.  Then to another great Casino Buffet, of course some fast food, Arby's.  We topped off the week with a trip to the Rio Grande Gorge in Taos, New Mexico and it was a wonderful trip. We all had lunch in a place called "Renato's", and sat in the back garden under umbrellas.  It was the perfect day. 

Tomorrow morning we are leaving for Amarillo, Texas and their next stop is Colorado Springs.  We will be sorry to leave them, but our paths may cross again.  We managed to get an appointment at the Holiday Rambler Factory in Decateur, Indiana, so we are on a journey to get there by July 12th.  We will be going through, Amarillo, Tx, Oklahoma City, Little Rock, Arkansas, Memphis, Arkansas, can't wait to go to Graceland and see all the Elvis exhibits.  Then off to Nashville for a week before our appointment, quite an itinerary.  Looking forward to great cool weather along the way. 

Here are some pictures of the great places and our friends.

Sante Fe Mountains, great place to
try out my new camera
Pine ridges and our friends Ron and Cynthia
A photo of Old Sante Fe Square
Could not resist these gorgeous flower baskets
Great lunch at the Burrito Factory in Santa Fe
Great ride into Taos and saw the Rio Grande Gorge
Spectacular.  Look down in the river and see
the blue raft doing white water rafting through the gorge.
Look below at the raft
We had a gorgeous cool, breezy day
Lunch at Renatos
Full and Happy

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  1. Yes, we did have a good time, didn't we! We enjoyed getting to know you and Joel as well. We made a lot of memories and hopefully our paths will cross again so we can make more. Thanks for the corn bake recipe too. Ron and I wish you, Joel, Peanut and the Birdies a safe across the central part of the US..and up to Michigan and Wisconsin. We hope you get your list of repairs and mods complete in Indiana as well. Take good care and we hope to visit again one day.